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Define your strategy and accelerate the market development of your innovation projects ((SSE, Biotech, Agtech, Edtech ...)
Support and guidance of industries and territory projects in agricultural and food sectors.

You are

Icone pour les start-ups

and project

Icone pour les dispositifs de soutien à l'innovation


Icone pour les entreprises

Companies (SMEs
/ Corporate

Icone pour les institutionnels

and industry

Icone pour les territoirs

Territories: EPCI,

Start-ups and project leaders

Support at every stage of development

Dowel Strategy accompanies each year more than 150 innovative projects from various sectors of activity, including numerous references in AgTech, Foodtech, Biotech, EdTech, ESS, etc.

Market exploration

Comprehensive market research / upgrading, competitive analysis

Economic and commercial feasibility studies

Diversification and international deployment studies

Operational support

Sales strategy support

Support for fundraising, preparation for presentation to investors / committees

Drafting support for the Business Plan


Innovation support schemes

Incubators, Accelerators, SATT, EC BIC, cluster ...


360 ° analysis of an innovative project: team, market, innovation, intellectual property, financing plan

Start-up coaching : written and oral preparation of their pitch deck


Pitch preparation for fundraising 

Good practices for conducting a market study 

Market (s) access strategy for innovative start-ups


Accompaniment to the (re) definition of the support program by considering the expectations of project leaders and complementarity with the related ecosystem

Support for (cross-)sectoral analysis: identifying trends and needs for innovation


Companies (SMEs / Mid-cap companies / Corporate groups)

Meeting the challenge of innovation

Monitoring and evaluation of innovative start-ups

Detection and analysis of innovation trends to stay closer to the world of start-ups and anticipate changes in your market.

Evaluation of start-ups and entrepreneurial projects to help you spot promising start-ups and identify opportunities for collaboration.

Study & support
of innovative

Studies dedicated to the detection of new market opportunities and / or assessment of the potential for development of a new product or service.  

Construction of a comprehensive and rigorous decision-making process, from the initial diagnostic stage to the formulation of the strategy and the operational action plan adapted to your ambitions and resources.

Support for the implementation of an innovation approach

Support for the design and implementation of a program and / or a structure dedicated to innovation.

Definition of the necessary skills and essential tools that best meet the needs of the intended target as well as your goals.


Institutional and industry representatives

Study of the agricultural sectors from territorial to international level

The multidisciplinary team composed of agronomists, general engineers, geographers and specialists in territorial food has enabled Dowel Strategy to develop recognized expertise in the agricultural sector for more than 10 years.

Business intelligence

Construction and analysis of competitive intelligence, competitiveness factors and international observatories, thanks to proven methodologies:

  • An approach based on co-construction to best serve the needs of the industry professionals
  • Creating and managing complex databases
  • Effective means of collecting verified and sourced data
  • A know-how in the fine and multidimensional analysis of the factors of competitiveness regarding farming and food industries in comparison with their global competitors


Study and development of sectors

Our support for the sectors also takes the form of territorial diagnoses of agricultural and food industries.
• A detailed diagnosis of the different parts of the value chain on the territory

  • In-depth interviews of experts and operators that can be coupled with quantitative surveys.
  • An open approach giving room for collective reflection
  • Construction of adapted strategies and operational actions plan
  • Clear, precise and operational recommendations


Realization of a cross-sectional study on official identification signs of quality and origin (SIQO) in the fruit and vegetable sector 

Studies and operational actions for structuring and developing the PPAM sector 

Analysis of the competitiveness in the ornamental horticulture industry in nine European countries

Economic and territorial positioning study of the metropolitan Min

Economic observatory for international markets of rosé wines

Agro equipment and double performance: brakes and levers for the agroecological transition

Territories: EPCI, communities, regions

Accompaniment of territories in their projects related to food and agriculture

A multidisciplinary and complementary team accompanies the territories in their strategic projects related to food and agriculture. Numerous references in the support of territories (EPCI, departments, regions) in their territories projects related to food and agriculture (short-circuits strategy, local supply of catering, agricultural and food policies in favor of climate, PAT …):

  • Approach based on co-construction, analysis of supply and demand, comparison of approaches implemented in other territories …
  • Comparative analyses of similar approaches implemented in other territories (key factors of success or pitfalls to avoid …), and capitalization on our experiences
  • Developing scenarios and strategic recommendations
  • Specific and operational recommendations to develop an effective and focused action plan
  • Innovation, a true red thread in the conduct of our missions.


  • Sustainable nutrition
  • Collective catering
  • Proximity Short-circuits
  • Territorial Food and Agriculture Projects
  • Bioeconomy


  • Dietary and agricultural diagnoses
  • Co-construction
  • Strategy (scenarios, recommendations and strategic axes)
  • Action plan


Project management assistance for sructuring a regionalised food supply within a regional food center

Project management assistance for the development of the territorial food and agricultural project of the metropolis, in favor of the climate and local food

Development of a territorial agricultural and food project, a strategy in favor of climate and local food 

Support for the development of a territorial agricultural and food project, in favor of the climate and local food 

Support for the development of the bioeconomy action plan at the territory level with a view to integrating it into the next territorial project

Development of local food purchases for public colleges in the department of Ardèche

Legal, financial and tax study in the context of the creation of a vegetable and fruit packaging unit carried by the department of Ardèche

Opportunity study for the creation of nursery-type activities to boost the rural territory of Montélimar agglomeration

Prefiguration study of a seine-et-marnaise platform for grouping, processing and packaging of local agricultural products for the catering sector

Nos atouts

A resolutely pragmatic approach

Our interventions are based on participatory methodologies oriented towards the concretization of the results, the contribution of operational solutions and a flexible support, adapted to your objectives and resources.

Territorial proximity

Our proximity and collaboration with territorial public actors allow us to understand the issues, skills and ecosystems specific to each territory to ensure a targeted diagnosis and support.

At the heart of the innovation ecosystem

For more than 10 years, we have forged strong links with actors who interact in favor of innovation (Regions, start-ups, competitiveness clusters, accelerators, incubators, SATT …), through our various locations in France, our partnerships and networks.

Multi-sector expertise

Each year, we support more than 150 innovative projects in various fields, technological or otherwise, which allow us to stay on top of the latest innovation trends and anticipate market developments in many sectors.

Our team